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OWA Campus Garden

Thoroughly enjoyed my walk through the flowering garden of OWA Campus.
I have captured some pictures for you to follow me from the entrance gate to the infinite ocean. I wish you could walk along with me, even if for just a short stretch…

For a full screen version, click the square in the lower right.

OWA Campus Garden

Please enjoy this short video, featuring the OWA Campus Garden nestled on a secluded beach in the Bay of Bengal in southern India. For a full screen version, click the square in the lower right.

Magic Moments at Samerberg

FrieslandCampina Kievit Creamers Making of

Photographer Freezes Dancer In Time As She Spins Through Clouds Of Powder

Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte and film director André (Nicolas Vantomme) have created a photo series and film that beautifully capture a dancer’s elegant movements with expressive bursts of white powder. Don`t miss this Video!

How to use a Leica M Rangefinder: Craig Semetko

Watch this video from Craig Semetko on using a Leica M Rangefinder Camera. He makes some great points and shares WHY it is a special thing, shooting with a rangefinder camera. I like this video and it is well worth the watch.

Leica ‘100’

A new Leica “100” advertisement, relating to the Leica 100 year centennial and celebrating the opening of the Leica Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It recreates 35 historical Leica photos.

The Samerberger Play captured in beautiful pictures

Three German students surprise a homeless guy

Look Up