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Traditional Bavarian Thanksgiving procession in Rosenheim

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Rosenheimer Herbstfest provides an authentic experience and one in which Germans are not in fact the minority.

Rosenheimer Herbstfest at night

Rosenheimer Herbstfest at night

Rosenheimer Herbstfest

This is our classic Bavarian beer fest. Authentic and locally-based, with rides and amusements, Bavarian food and music, real Bavarians wearing their Dirndls and Lederhosen — and of course – lots of beer!

Weisertweckenfahren at Samerberg

At Samerberg bavarian traditions are still alive. A variety of traditional and unique events is celebrated throughout the year. Whether in Advent, in spring or summer: Samerberg is rich in tradition and customs. Many customs that have been preserved for centuries, are unique in this form! Come, enjoy and take part in a traditon called “Weisertweckenfahren.” Continue Reading…

Festival at Samerberg: Bavaria is world famous for its events and festivals.

Cultural Highlight at Samerberg: Traditional Bavarian dance styles for more advanced dancers.

Cultural Highlight at Samerberg

The numerous traditional costume associations, heritage societies and music groups express their love for culture and tradition of Bavaria.

Festival with the Bavarian traditional costumes associations at Samerberg last week