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Dear All,

the company ADOBE one month ago released Adobe Slate, an iPad app for iPad, a free app that lets a range of business and educational users construct polished multi-part stories with high-quality images, text and layouts. Toady, I decided to find out the potential of this app and checked how it works. So, I present to you my very first presentation, created with the app “Slate”.
Check out this presentation of the OWA Campus in India.
Thanks, Rainer

Samadarshiniji, Purnimaji & Radhikaji at the OWA Campus, India

(Remember to click each image to see the larger and better version!)

Samadarshini (middle) is a spiritual teacher for around 23 years.  She is known for her serene and compelling presence. She has traveled extensively throughout India, Europe and the middle east offering programs in the art of living, loving and being free. Continue Reading…

Photo Gallery OWA Campus, India

I have published a new photo gallery with the latest photographs of the OWA campus in India. Enjoy!

>>Watch Gallery here….