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Ballgames were played, marriages made, Shakespeare performed…

Recently, the New York Times has published a slideshow with pictures captured in 2013. These pictures let you experience the power of photography! It is worth watching even at the end of a long day. A picture is worth a thousand words!

True power of photography: The New York Times year in Pictures 2013

The power of a single photograph becomes visible when you take a look at the 2013 year in photos from Time Magazine. Scrolling through the slideshow will bring many emotions including tears, anxiety and compassion…

Why more photographers Leica it (published by Deutsche Welle)

Late to digital and nearly bankrupt, Leica has refocused. The picture of the legendary German camera maker is now as sharp as ever. Deutsche Welle spoke with Leica CEO Alfred Schopf about the company’s comeback….

Author: John Blau
Editor: Sam Edmonds

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