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Walk through a winter wonderland at Samerberg today

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Winter at Samerberg

Holzmann/Samerberg at sunset

Winter is coming: view above Friesing towards Hochries

Hoarfrost at Samerberg

Winter can be harsh but cold temperatures have made some beautiful sights at Samerberg. Hoar frost occurs when soft ice crystals form on any object that has cooled below the freezing mark. Water vapour in the below-freezing air condenses directly to ice when cooled on contact with cool surfaces. It can sometimes be so thick that it looks like snow.

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Autumn and winter at Samerberg

View from Samerberg towards Nußdorf

I wanted to take you with me on a recent landscape shoot along a local hiking path …
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Winter is fast approaching at Samerberg

Autumn at Samerberg

Mountain mass at Hochries

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