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One World Academy

Dear All,

the company ADOBE one month ago released Adobe Slate, an iPad app for iPad, a free app that lets a range of business and educational users construct polished multi-part stories with high-quality images, text and layouts. Toady, I decided to find out the potential of this app and checked how it works. So, I present to you my very first presentation, created with the app “Slate”.
Check out this presentation of the OWA Campus in India.
Thanks, Rainer

Captured in Mamallapuram, South India

Young boy in Mahaballipuram (South-East India)

Meeting Pappa in the orphanage

Today, I was honored to meet Mr. Vidyaakar, called „pappa“ as he is the father of more than 2000 children.
1983, he found a helpless child at a cinema hall in Chennai crying for some love. He knew that he can go beyond living his routine life to care for this stranger like his own daughter. Three decades later, his family has grown from a little child to over 2000 Children, all abandoned for no fault of theirs. These children were either found abandoned on the streets or left at his facilities. Most of them though were born to women Who was suffering from mental illness and who are unable to take care of themselves, leave alone these children.
But now, Mr. Vidyaakar has managed to feed them, take care of them and rehabilitate them back to where they belong. Today he leads an orphanage that offers a number of services, including providing food, shelter and educational facilities for them irrespective of their age, sex, religion, nationality, caste or mental capacity…(See Pappa on the right top photo)

School girl wearing her school uniform

Here you can see one shot taken in India. It shows one school girl wearing her school uniform. Click the images to see the larger and better version! Continue Reading…

A Walk in Mamallapuram in South-East India

And so taking the long way home through the market I slow my pace down… To enjoy just being somewhere, rather than rushing from somewhere, to somewhere. And connecting to people around me… And smile to myself. Click the images to see the larger and better version!

Indian Girl

Indian girls are known around the world due to their natural beauty. Their beautiful faces always attract the viewers. Click the images to see the larger and better version!

India Seashell Museum in Mamallapuram (South-East India)

How a man collected around 40,000 shells of about 2000 species of shells from all over the world. Hats of to his passion! This is a private collection, huge and very well maintained. Quite a good variety and some very unique and rare shells are displayed here. Must visit when in Mamallapuram!

Construction work in Mamallapuram (South-East India)

I have asked the Indians about his safety and got an interesting response. They told me to be relaxed, as this worker is having his safety system in place. I should only watch his leg! Click the images to see the larger and better version!

Fishermen return from the ocean with the days catch

(Paramankeni, South India)
Click the image to see the larger and better version!