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I am we_interactive image

A global net-art project by Wolf Nkole Helzle

Projectdescription by Wolf Nkole Helzle:

The global net-art project by Germany based media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle is designed specifically for audience participation. Using a specially developed internet platform, it enables people of all nations to create their personal photographic diary. From all the photos, an overall picture is computed which interactively changes continuously with the upload of new images . In addition the participants will be able to share ideas about their images. The constantly changing over-all picture „inter active image“ will also be shown in art exhibitions separately.

The users are uploading one image daily into my diary. The image shall be photographed by themselves and shall speak about their world: ” What are you facing? What is important for you? What makes you cry, laugh, happy, sad, silent? Where is your love? What is your world today? How is your environment? How is your family, your house, your landscape…?” An image diary.

From all images, uploaded into the diaries, a overall picture will be generated. This picture is changing all the time with the upload of new images. There are two versions of this overall picture.

The photo above is a capture of my overall picture in this art project.

Find out more about the project and join this art project here: I am we_interactive image. You can find my project diary there as well.