I’m not a full time professional photographer, nor am I an aspiring or part-time professional. Perhaps I fall into that category that the photography industry refers to as “enthusiast”. I love to shoot and I am completely engrossed in everything to do with photography; the equipment, the techniques, the methodology and the latest news.

I don’t claim to be particularly talented at photography. For me photography is, what I call, “Shutter Therapy”. All these “Shutter Therapy” sessions give me a sense of joy and each time I shoot I see things differently. I know I’ve got a long way to go to get where I want to be regarding my own photography. Currently it’s all trial and error.

Here, at TheseLittleMoments, I like to meet people from all walks of life who like to take photographs. It’s irrelevant wether they only have point-and-shoot cameras or mobile phones or if they are shooting the latests digital wonder. What’s important is that they put themselves out there in the world and take notice of what happens all around them each and every day. They get excited about capturing These Little Moments in everyday life, and sometimes they take some quite amazing images. If you are reading this, you probably are one of these people!

I strongly believe that the key to making great photographs is not owning the best camera, the most expensive lenses, or the knowledge of how to ensure a perfect exposure. What matters is that you get out there and immerse yourself in the world.

I like to take pictures outside. Most of them are quite simple shots but every once in a while, I capture some really neat shots. This is not because I am a great technical photographer, but because I am actually there, right in the middle of the world that excites me the most. Even though I am not a pro, I still love to take photos just like you. These are the photos I  would like to share with you in my blog, These Little Moments.

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  1. I find your pictures nice…some of them are simply amazing. For today my favorite one is “fisherman preparing the net”.

  2. Lieber Rainer, das sind alles wunderschöne Momentaufnahmen, du hast ein gutes positives Auge. Weiter so! 😉

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